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Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi to one and all,

I've recently closed the website which I instituted on or about 2004 shortly after the device manufacturer Cyberonics closed down their patient message forum.  A couple of years later my website was hacked and much of the information I researched and uploaded was lost to the Internet and readership.  I started over as I had more available time and the computer guru I enlisted also had the time to help me.
I still retain all my information while continuing research relating to VNS Therapy as well as other treatment options relating to MDD.  The computer guru who established the website for me upgraded and made changes to the message forum and site programs several months ago and from there things got out of hand so much so that I could no longer upload or change information, send emails and post messages properly.  Since I have little patience or know how and little interest to sit before a computer screen to learn how to correct these glitches and bugs without the guru, who is unavailable, I decided I had enough.

I'll share my commentaries, musings and information either here or on the VNS Depression Facebook page I also established.  

Quickly and for those not familiar with my efforts and proactive mental health advocacy I have been a very, very long time support person and health care advocate for my spouse, Joyce.  She was one of the earliest study subjects for VNS Therapy for Depression and in her case the therapy in my opinion and that of her attending physicians has been remarkable.  Joyce has been almost continuously depression free for about 11 years. 

Thankfully, Joyce and I are doing well and I have little time to spend on the computer as we're both enjoyably busy and involved socially and those activities are far more valuable for our precious time.

My email address is also available to all who might have serious interest in discussing the therapy privately if necessary.  I shall make time available.

As always, I wish all those challenged by these heinous disorders wellness.


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