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Friday, October 15, 2010

Arkansas Surgical Hospital Celebrates with A Day of Giving

Arkansas Surgical Hospital Celebrates with A Day of Giving

3 days ago

On Oct. 2nd, Arkansas Surgical Hospital (AHS)
continued celebrating its five year anniversary with a Day of Giving, offering
free surgery for patients with specific surgical needs.  The surgeons and staff
identified patients within their practices who had been suffering from back
pain, knee pain, hip pain and other conditions, but who hadn’t been able to
arrange for the needed treatment.  On Saturday, Oct. 2, they came together on
their day off to donate their time and skills to help these patients.  Companies
that manufacture implants donated supplies and implants; hospital staff came in
and provided the needed care for these patients.  The result was a day of free
surgical care for a group of people who needed surgery but who would not be able
to afford it on their own.

The patients chosen for the event had a variety of needs and circumstances,
such as the woman who had a Vagal Nerve Stimulator (VNS) implanted to help with
severe depression. This implant is recommended for patients as a part of
treatment for debilitating depression that doesn’t respond to ordinary methods. 
She had previously had the VNS implanted with the procedure being covered by
Medicare. The VNS worked for her, allowing her to enjoy a normal life – until
the device needed replacement. New Medicare guidelines no longer cover the VNS,
so the she was left with a nonfunctioning implant and untreated depression.
Cyberonics, the manufacturer of the $15,000 VSN device, donated the implant, and
ASH staff donated their time to perform the surgery. Cyberonics even sent a
surgical representative to assist the physician with the surgery...

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