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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fear mongering, hearsay and unsubstantiated opinions

Every now and then I’m drawn back to the VNS Message Board in hope of reading something new or any posting of any significant value.

What I tend to find is the same old fear mongering, hearsay and ranting as illustrated in the recent post I just came across.

If only one of their participants took the time to investigate how many individuals die of Epilepsy each year never having utilized VNS Therapy or how many individuals have died from the use of their medications or from the absence of any therapy intervention it would help place things in a more understandable perspective than the continuing hearsay.  Instead one reads the same old unsubstantiated ramblings.

In my opinion if individuals like these were all to have their way as it pertains to each and every therapy there would be no treatment options from which to choose and we’d be back to the Middle Ages in health care.

It is unfortunate, as it is with Depression patients, that Epilepsy patients also have no way of knowing in advance who would or would not respond favorably to any treatment and worse yet the potential for encountering serious side-effects.

What is important is not to give up hope and to be reasonably educated when undertaking any treatment option and then hoping for the best.

The fact that any therapy is a potential “god-send” at all when all else has failed is enough to keep one’s hopes alive.


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